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Don't show up unprepared. You finally get the call to be interviewed -- no small feat in this job market, so you want to do everything to over-prepare. What does the company do, who are its competitors, and what's happening in the industry in which it operates? Google the people you'll be meeting with to see what you can learn about them. Ask the person who sets up the interview to tell you about the people you'll be meeting, and to share a bit about the culture and dress code. Ask, "What should I know about the people I'll be meeting -- I want to make sure I'm prepared as best as possible."
Review your resume and be ready to elaborate on every line if asked. Review the job description and prepare notes for yourself in advance about how exactly you'd be an asset for their specific needs.
Keep in mind that there are two elements to hiring: the hard skills -- by the time you're calling for the interview, someone has a decent feeling that you may have the skills, experience and education to do the job. What they don't know -- and what's really critical -- is what makes you tick, what ticks you off -- what kind of person are you, will we like working with you every day? And some of this is determined from the second you say hello, and more is determined by asking behavior-based questions: "Tell me about a time you made a mistake." "Tell me what your former colleagues would say about you." Arrive prepared and don't leave without asking about the next steps and the time frame for a decision.


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