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Country name and Capital name are same
Mexico – Mexico City
Kuwait – Kuwait City
Panama – Panama City
Vatican City – Vatican City
Guatemala – Guatemala City
Djibouti – Djibouti City
Singapore - Singapore
Monaco – Monaco
Luxembourg - Luxembourg
Tunisia - Tunis
Andorra – Andorra la Vella

Capital Names Ending with “Town”
South Africa - CapeTown
Guyana - Gorege Town
Sierra Leone - FreeTown
Barbados – BridgeTown

Korea’s Family
1) South Korea – Seoul
Seoul looks like “Soul”
Mind Trick : South Korea’s Soul
2) North Korea – Pyongyang
Pyongyang sounds like “Young-yang”
Mind Trick : North People are “Young”
Sweden – Stockholm
Sweden( sounds like ” Sweat-den”)
Stockholm(sounds like “Stock +Home”)
Mind Trick : Sweats are in Stock in our Home..
Jamaica –Kingston
Mind Trick : Jamaica’s men are “Kings”
Iran – Tehran
Mind Trick – Both words ends with “ran”
Bhutan – Thimpu
Bhutan souds like “Boot+tan”
Thimphu sounds like name “Tippu Sultan”
Mind Trick : Tippu Sultan wear Boots..
Canada – Ottawa
Ottawa sounds like “Oats”
Mind Trick : Canadians like Oats..
DenMark - CoPenhagen :
Mark(a name)
Co-Pen(means Others Pen)
Mind Trick : Mark uses others Pen.
Hungary – Budapest
Hungary looks like “Hungry”
Budapest sounds like “Buddha+pest
Mind Trick : Buddha is very Hungry.
Argentina –Buenos Aires
Aires look like “Airs”
Mind Trick : Argentina’s Airs
Australia –Canberra
Canberra sounds like “Cadbury”
Mind Trick : Australia’s companies manufacture “ Cadburys”
Malta – ValLetta
Mind Trick: Malta – Letta
Morocco – Rabat
Rabat sounds like “Robert”
Mind Trick: Morocco’s Robert.
Romania – Bucharest
Mind Trick Romania people take “Rest”
Poland – WarSaw
Land - War – Saw
Mind Trick - I SAW a WAR happened in poLand
Czech Republic – Prague
Prague sounds like “Pray”
Mind Trick : Czech People “Pray” for God Daily
Ukraine - Kyiv
Ukraine sounds like (“Uk+rain”)
Kyiv sounds like (“key”)
Mind Trick : In Uk,while raining lost KEY
Taiwan – Taipei
Taiwan sounds like (“Tie +One”)
Taipei sounds like (“Tie +Pi”)
Mind Trick : TieOne – TiePi
Estonia –Tallinn
Estonia sound like “Yes +Stone”
Mind Trick : Stone is Tall
Venezuela- Caracas
Mind Trick : Veny Travels in Car
Congo- Brazzaville
Brazzaville-Brazil +Ville
Mind Trick : Congo’s to Brazil for hosting FIFA WorldCup
New Zealand - Wellington
Wellington -Washington
Mind Trick : New Washington
Bulgaria –Sofia
Bulgaria –Bulk +Area
Sofia looks like “Sofa”
Mind Trick : Bulk of Sofa’s in that Area
Brazil – Brasillia
Brasillia – Brazil+lia
Croatia- Zagreb
Croatia sounds like (“Coast +Asia”)
Zagreb sounds like (“za+Grey”)
Mind Trick: Coast Asia people like “Grey” Colour
Cyprus – Nicosia
Nicosia sounds like (“Nik +Asia”)
Famous Countries & Capitals
Afghanistan - Kabul
Bangladesh - Dhaka
China - Beijing
Pakistan - Islamabad
UAE - Abu Dhabi
Vietnam - Hanoi
Srilanka - Colombo
Philippines - Manila
Japan - Tokyo
Italy - Rome
France - Paris
Spain - Madrid


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