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1.Multiplication of 2(Two) digit numbers where the first(1st) digit of both the numbers are same and last digit of the two numbers sum to 10

Example1 : Calculate 56*54
Solution :Multiply 5 by 5+1,So 5*6=30
Now,Multiply together the last digits 6*4=24
So,56*54 =[5*(5+1)][6*4]=3024
Example2 : Calculate 78*72
Solution :[7*(7+1)][8*2]=5616

2.Square of a 2 digit number ending with 5(You can’t use this rule for other numbers)

Example1 : 35^2 = 3*(3+1)—25 = 1225 
Example2 : 95^2 = 9*(9+1)—25 = 9025
Example3 : 105^2=10*(10+1)—25=11025

3.To calculate Remainder on dividing the number by 3

Let me explain you by giving some examples :

Example1: What would be the remainder of 1342568 dividing by 3?
Solution :  The sum of digits is 29.Dividing 29 by 3 gives Remainder 2
Example2: What would be the remainder of  34259677858 dividing by 3?
Solution :  The sum of the number is 64.Dividing 64 by 3 gives Remainder 1

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