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Sydney Monorail Came to an End after 25 Years of Service

Published on: 01-JUL-2013
Sydney on 30 June 2013 bid adieu to the futuristic monorail, also known as white elephant. Monorail has remained the heart of Sydney for almost 25 years.

Russia signed Anti-Gay Measures into Law

Published on: 01-JUL-2013
Russian President Vladimir Putin on 30 June 2013 signed into law a measure that stigmatizes gay people.

Croatia became the 28th Member of the European Union

Published on: 01-JUL-2013
Croatia on 1 July 2013 became the 28th member of the European Union.

The Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Visually Impaired Signed

Published on: 01-JUL-2013
The Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Blind was adopted in Marrakesh, Morocco on 28 June 2013.

World Health Organisation Issued New HIV Treatment Guidelines

Published on: 30-JUN-2013
The World Health Organization introduced new guidelines for the treatment of HIV.

India and Sri Lanka held talks on Trade and Investment

Published on: 30-JUN-2013
Sri Lanka and India on 24-25 June 2013 held discussion in Colombo on trade, investment and economic cooperation.

India and Oman Bilateral Trade registered a 129 Percent Growth

Published on: 30-JUN-2013
During the five-year period from 2008-09 to 2012-13, India-Oman bilateral trade increased by 129 percent.

European Union leaders reached an Agreement on 1.3 trillion Dollar Budget for 2014 to 2020

Published on: 29-JUN-2013
European Union leaders on 28 June 2013 have signed a deal of a 1.3 trillion dollar for seven-year budget from 2014-2020...

Japan got its First MOX Nuclear Shipment since Fukushima

Published on: 28-JUN-2013
Japanese got its First MOX Nuclear Shipment port since Fukushima on 28 June 2013 which was arrived from France loaded with reprocessed nuclear fuel.

UN Security Council eased Sanctions against Iraq

Published on: 28-JUN-2013
The UN Security Council eased sanctions against Iraq imposed after Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

US Senate passed landmark Immigration Bill

Published on: 28-JUN-2013
A landmark Immigration Reform Bill was passed by the US Senate on 27 June 2013. The bill will provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal migrants in US.

Australian Parliament approved New Labour Law regulating Foreign Workers

Published on: 27-JUN-2013
Australian Parliament on 27 June 2013 approved a proposed law with new rules to clear out wrong use of the visa scheme for foreign workers by employers.

Kevin Rudd sworn in as new Australian Prime Minister

Published on: 27-JUN-2013
Kevin Rudd on 27 June 2013 was sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister ousting Julia Gillard

US Announced 150000 US Dollar Financial Aid for Uttarakhand

Published on: 27-JUN-2013
US Ambassador to India on 23 June 2013 announced that US would provide 150000 US dollar to NGOs that are working for affected areas of Uttarakhand.

India and Hungary Signed Agreement for Gas Monitoring System

Published on: 26-JUN-2013
Gujarat Info Petro Ltd (GIPL) signed an agreement with Cason Engineering Plc, Hungary, for gas monitoring system.

G-8 Summit concluded in Lough Erne in Northern Ireland

Published on: 25-JUN-2013
39th edition of the G8 Summit concluded at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland on 18 June 2013...

South Korean Websites Hit by Cyber Attack; Various Official Websites Attacked

Published on: 25-JUN-2013
South Korea, in the month of June 2013 issued a cyber alert after various government websites were hacked.

Indians and Pakistanis to pay 4600 US Dollars more for British Visa

Published on: 24-JUN-2013
 Britain planned to introduce a new scheme under which Indians and Pakistanis are required to pay 4600 US dollars more for visa.

India, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation discussed CECA

Published on: 24-JUN-2013
The fourth India-Russia Business Dialogue was organized in the framework of SPIEF 2013

UK and China signed Currency Swap Deal worth 200bn Yuan

Published on: 24-JUN-2013
UK and China in Month of June 2013 signed a three-year deal to swap their currencies when needed in order to boost the Chinese Yuan outside Asia.

The Friends of Syria decided to give Military Support to Syrian Rebels

Published on: 23-JUN-2013
The Friends of Syria on 22 June 2013 decided to give urgent military support to Syrian rebels.

Indian Embassy in Riyadh appealed to Migrant Indians to avail Concessions

Published on: 22-JUN-2013
Indian Embassy in Riyadh has appealed to the Indian nationals in Saudi to get their exit passes issued or get their residency certificates corrected.

India and Iraq agreed to Enhance Cooperation in Oil and Hydrocarbon Sector

Published on: 22-JUN-2013
Decision to enhance cooperation in oil and hydrocarbon sector was reached with Iraq during the two day visit of Salman Khurshid to Iraq.

G-8 leaders call for Syria Peace Talks in Geneva

Published on: 19-JUN-2013
The G8 leaders backed calls for Syrian peace talks in Geneva in their meet in Northern Ireland.

Kapilavastu to get School under Nepal-India Economic Co-operation Programme

Published on: 19-JUN-2013
MoU was signed between Indian Embassy in Nepal and Shree Higher Secondary School, Kapilvastu to offer monetary assistance for new building.

China Launched Its First Pilot Carbon Emission Trading Scheme in Shenzhen

Published on: 19-JUN-2013
The first of seven pilot carbon emission trading schemes for China was launched in the city of Shenzhen, China on 18 June 2013.

US to open Direct Peace Talks with Taliban

Published on: 19-JUN-2013
US and Taliban to start direct peace talks in Doha, Qatar. To initiate the peace talks Taliban has opened its overseas political office in Doha.

India Signed Loan Agreement with World Bank for National AIDS Control Project-IV

Published on: 18-JUN-2013
India signed an agreement for loan of 255 million US dollars with World Bank for the National AIDS Control Project (NACP-IV).

USA and Russia agreed to end Syria Violence in Talks on Sidelines of G-8 Summit

Published on: 18-JUN-2013
On sidelines of the 39th G-8 meeting in Northern Ireland, USA and Russia on 18 June 2013 agreed to end violence in Syria

Kuwait: Supreme Constitutional Court dissolved Parliament, ordered Fresh Elections

Published on: 17-JUN-2013
The Parliament of Kuwait was dissolved by the Supreme Constitutional Court with an order to conduct election under new voting system.


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