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Round 1 - R1

The first round was for 1 hour with 10 questions and the way you work it out will determine whether you enter the next round or not.
1)Let’s play a game of Russian roulette. You are tied to your chair and can’t get up. Here’s a gun. Here’s the barrel of the gun, six chambers, all empty. Now watch me as I put two bullets in the gun. I close the barrel and spin it. Should I spin the barrel or not so that you could be alive.
2)Luckily you survived. Now again i am pointing it at you. Should I spin the barrel or not so that you could be alive.
3)Find the last non-zero digit of 30^2345
4)A man visits a shopping mall almost every day and he walks up an up-going escalator that connects the ground and the first floor. If he walks up the escalator step by step it takes him 16 steps to reach the first floor. One day he doubles his stride length (walks up climbing two steps at a time) and it takes him 12 steps to reach the first floor.
If the escalator stood still, how many steps would there be on sight?
5)A rectangular ground is to be filled with square tiles of unit area. The border of the ground should be of red coloured tiles and inside white. If the number of red and white tiles are the same, find the minimum dimensions of the ground.
6)N people were in a party and were seated in a circular manner. If each of the two present in the party, except the pairs that were adjacent,sang a song and If a song lasted for 2 mins and 28 mins was taken for singing the songs, find N.
7)3 pirates have to decide how to divide their loot of 100 gold coins. The rules are as follow:
* The most senior pirate gets to propose a way to divide the loot.
* Each pirate, including the most senior pirate himself gets to vote.
* If the majority agrees with the proposal, the loot will be divided as suggested.
* In the case of a tie, the proposal will be accepted.
* If the majority disagrees, the most senior pirate will be killed. The next most senior pirate gets to suggest. The process continues.
Now, you’re the most senior pirate out of the three. How are you going to divide the coins so that you get the biggest share possible?
 Find the number of solutions for 3x+4y=60, if x and y are positive integers.
9)There are 25 Horses which all run at different speeds. A faster horse always beats a slower horse. You can race 5 horses at a time. There are no ties and you may not time them. What is the minimum number of races needed to determine the 3 fastest horses in order from fastest to slowest.
The second round was an interview which lasted for 10-20 mins. Some simple programs and puzzles were asked along with some basic HR questions.
For eg. Program to build a pyramid of stars, Defective soap box puzzle, Tablets in two bottles puzzle.
Some were asked to tell some real time examples for normalization, queues and priority queues.
A sound knowledge in puzzles along with some programming skills will help you clear this round.
The third round was a programming round where 3 questions were asked(Time duration: 1 hour)
1)To encrypt a given passage according to the given pattern.
2)To find the day given the date.
3)To print the roman number for a given decimal number.



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