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[Athena Health] Interview Questions Pattern And Answer for All Rounds|Download||Tricks|Updated

Round 1:
1) N people were in a party and were seated in a circular manner. If each of the two present in
the party, except the pairs that were adjacent,sang a song and If a song lasted for 2 mins and
28 mins was taken for singing the songs, find N.
2) Let’s play a game of Russian roulette. You are tied to your chair and can’t get up. Here’s a
gun. Here’s the barrel of the gun, six chambers, all empty. Now watch me as I put a single
bullet in the gun. I close the barrel and spin it. I put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
Click. Lucky you! Now I’m going to pull the trigger one more time. Which would you prefer,
that I spin the barrel first, or that I just pull the trigger
3) Five pirates discover a chest full of 100 gold coins. The pirates are ranked by their
years of service, Pirate #5 having five years of service, Pirate #4 four years, and so on down to
Pirate #1 with only one year of deck scrubbing under his belt. To divide up the loot, they
agree on the following:
The most senior pirate will propose a distribution of the booty. All pirates will then
vote, including the most senior pirate, and if at least 50% of the pirates on board accept
the proposal, the gold is divided as proposed. If not, the most senior pirate is forced to
walk the plank and sink to Davy Jones’ locker. Then the process starts over with the
next most senior pirate until a plan is approved.
These pirates are not your ordinary swashbucklers. Besides their democratic leanings, they are
also perfectly rational and know exactly how the others will vote in every situation. Emotions
play no part in their decisions. Their preference is first to remain alive, and next to get as
much gold as possible and finally, if given a choice between otherwise equal outcomes, to have
fewer pirates on the boat.
Suppose that you’re the most senior pirate (#5). Propose a distribution of coins that keeps
you alive, that maximizes your gold, and that will be accepted
4) There is one highland where planes get fuel. A plan can cover the half of the world with full
tank. A plane can transfer fuel from one plane to the other in the air.
How many planes are required to make one plane cover the entire world once. Starting point of
the travel is the Highland and coming back to the same Highland.
All the other planes giving fuels to this Plane should also come back to the same highland and
they don't have to cover the entire world.
5) It rains 3 days a week. When it rains there is Thunderstorm.
The probability of Thunderstorm falling on the ground is 1/42000.
A Golfer plays golf on Saturday and Sunday. What is the probability of Thunderstorm falling on
that Golfer?
6) One Dominoes (2*1) can be placed on two adjacent squares in a Chess board.
How many dominoes can be placed in an 8 * 8 chess board if a row is already filled and cannot
be used for placing Dominoes?
7) Given a square of 10cm each side with the four semi circles inside as shown in the above
diagram, find the area of the shaded portion
8) Party of 5 women and 5 men.
A committee consists of 3 women and 2 men
The total number of ways to form this committee.

Round 2(coding and testing):
They took us to the lab for this on and we were each given a paper with a program on it. It was all mixed as in each person got a different paper, You have around an hour to finish coding. after which you have to explain your code.They also given you wrong or incorrect inputs and see how your code handles these exceptions:-

1) Program to print a pyramid of stars
2) Write some code for time complexity O(log log n)
3). heap sort
4). Write code to find the kth maximum of n elements
5). Finding the palindrome in the given set of strings
6). The maximum sum from the first to the last line. i.e. 1+2+4+14,1+3+5+18,1+2+5+14.........
2 3
4 5 7
12 14 18 19
7). Given a Tree, write code to find the mirror image of that tree.
8). Implement FLAMES game
This is a game which predicts the compatibility between given two names.
All the common characters in the given two names are removed. The total number of distinct
characters in both the names are circled around the word FLAMES.
so the character at position x%strlen(FLAMES) in the word FLAMES is removed at each step till it
gets one character. Also the character removed in every step should not be considered for the
next step.
x - Total number of distinct characters in the given two names.
F - Friend
L - Love
A - Affection
M - Marriage
E - Enemy
S – Sister
9). Given a sentence, reverse the words in the sentence
"I am a boy"
"boy a am I"

Round 3(tech interview, but it was more HR oriented):
This round lasted for around 30 minutes. It more of a character analysis round.With a lot of HR type questions. These are some of the questions asked to me and my firends:

  •  A self intro (you have to keep saying things until they tell you to stop).refer here for more details about giving a self intro
  • Most of the questions were focused on Patient,Hospital,Insurance(daaa. its medical oriented). So they asked me to create a scenario connecting those three entities(I told them a about how a patients insurance should be checked before giving treatment unless it is an emergency).They are checking how efficiently you can relate them .
  •  Most of my  friends got puzzles wrong.You may expect many puzzles in the first round. That is puzzles you weren't able to solve. In my case the interviewer helped me with hints it took a while but i finally got it right.
  •  in this round , THEY CONCENTRATE  ON HOW WILLING YOU ARE TO LEARN and at the same time HOW WILLING YOU ARE TO SHARE WITH OTHERS.Just make sure you highlight those qualities, it will definitely impress the AthenaHealth folks
  •  In some cases they also ask you to explain the logic used in the coding round
  • Make sure you have pre-made answer on what you are interested in i.e., whether you want to be a PROGRAMMER or QA analyst. But don't be adamant be flexible.
Round 4(tech interview):

Compared to the other round this is more tech oriented. Lot more tech questions. It is of normal difficulty and is not that hard to clear,you only need to know the basics.Here are some sample type questions:

  • Very basic of Data Structure and Oracle knowledge enough.Lots of simple questions from data structures(insert into heaps etc). They did not ask to write code for DS, but rather  to explain the logic through diagrams
  •  you can expect some puzzle question too here 
  • They don't want u to give up if you don't know an answer.So they throw hints at you all the time
  •  For some complicated question, they expect how much you brainstorm ideas in solving  So once u start guessing things they  will help you with the problem in some cases they said stuff like "good job so far all you have to do is this and this and you will have the answer"
  •  If possible try to learn some basics of Perl this will help you very much at the end ,even if you don't know ..its not much of a problem

1. Which is better B-trees or hash table?
2. What is the data structure used for indexing purposes in database?
1. Discussion regarding merits and demerits of sorting algorithms
2. Explain heap sort

They selected 5 people from a total of 300 that attended.The package is 4.2 lpa with internship
The results were announced really fast like an hour after last interview. Also the main areas to focus on are:


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