7:28 AM
In this job market, there's no room for error if you're looking for work.
What not to do is just as important as following all of the proactive advice you receive.

Don't get tongue-tied on the basics. If you met someone at a cocktail party and they asked what you do, could you answer in one clear, concise sentence? Many job seekers have huge difficulty with this because they're unsure of their identity now that their paycheck is gone. "Well, I don't really do anything now -- I'm out of work." Wrong answer.
Instead, offer a focused response: "I specialize in marketing for small businesses." "I'm a Special Ed teacher." Or "I work in retail sales."
Being out of work now is not part of your opening line. Your response is focused on what you do -- and then from there, as you engage in chit chat, you'll make it known that you're looking for your next opportunity.


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